A bucket seat for a vehicle is designed to hold one person differing from a flat bench that holds several people. It is a contoured seat with high sides that partially enclose and offer support for the driver or passenger, especially high-performance sports cars. That means bucket seats are usually fitted in the front seat of a vehicle.

Bucket seats are beautiful and provide more sitting comfort when driving a car because they are often associated with sports cars. But, you can invest in replacement bucket seats to improve the comfort of your car. Since they come in different types, it is good to learn about them.

An individual bucket seat

Individual bucket seats are the most popular, and as the name suggests, it comes as one seat. Many of them installed in sports cars are usually made of leather to bring out a luxurious accent. The most notable advantage of this bucket seat is that the driver sinks into it more comfortably. The seat wrapping around the driver makes it easier to feel in control, and it comes with a more rigid suspension associated with sports cars. Some come with a headrest, while some have the headrest as a separate part.

45/45 bucket seat

This is a bucket seat built for two people that s the driver and the passenger. Rather than aiding the driver, the 45/45 bucket seat emphasizes the comfort of both the driver and the passenger since it is designed to give them equal room. This type of bucket seat is suitable if there is no transmission hump or console in the middle of the vehicle. It is more comfortable than the regular car seats since it wraps the rider, enabling them to drive comfortably.

60/40 bucket seat

The 60/40 bucket seat is also a dual bucket seat, but this one gives more room for the driver than the passenger. Unlike the 45/45 bucket seat that provides equal space for the driver and passenger, the 60/40 is comfortable for the driver, but in most cases, it leaves the passenger feeling cramped because they have little space. The 60/40 bucket seat is not balanced, which makes it look awkward. Therefore it is not a common style.

40/60 bucket seat

The 40/60 bucket seat is the opposite of the one discussed above. This time, it is the driver who has less space than the passenger. This seat allows the passenger to sprawl ad enjoy their ample space leaving the driver feeling more cramped. Ideally, the driver should be more comfortable to drive well. This style of bucket seat is not suitable. Therefore it is rarely seen.

Captain’s chair

Captain’s chair is a type of bucket seat found in RVs and campers. As the name suggests, it is like the seats for captains in ships. It is very comfortable for the driver and comes with armrests. In simple words, it is a hybrid of an armchair and bucket seat because its position is more upright than in other bucket seats. It swivels so that the driver can sit while facing the other passengers seated in the rear of the camper when parked.

The final words

Bucket seats come in handy to increase the comfort of your car.

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