Common Concrete Pumping Equipment and Materials


Being an efficient approach to flowing liquid concrete, concrete pumps are indispensable the equipment for just about any project, either small or large, which involves concrete production and distribution.

There are a variety of common concrete pumps which are utilized in construction and renovation projects. Probably the most common pumps include:

Trailer Pumps: These kinds of concrete pumps are popular since they’re simple to operate. Maintenance isn’t costly plus they can mix tough concrete material without causing harm to the gear. It creates a level and easy flow of concrete and cleanup is simple. Trailer pumps provide dependability. There are lots of top features of a clip pump for example skid-mounted with angled flat pack and hopper bib, hydraulic remixer / agitator, electric version – 460V, 60Hz, 3-phase, special voltages, hydraulic rear outriggers, chemical additive pump, plus much more.

Line Pumps: Without or with a boom, line pumps are ideal for flowing material into narrow and difficult to achieve areas since they’re small , simple to maneuver. Line pumps are portable devices and may be used to pump concrete, grout, mortar, shotcrete, foamed concrete, and wet screeds. They are able to include spaces which are usually hard to achieve. It is made to be compact and operate with great versatility. They’re frequently utilized on low roof structures, building bond beams, back fill, foundations, filling fabric forms, repairing underwater concrete, in addition to putting concrete in solidly reinforced sections. It may have a hose pump type of over 170m. There are a variety of various a range line pumps available. Line pumps typically employ ball-valve-type pumps. Some hydraulically driven designs include pumped structural concrete at outputs in excess of 150 cubic yards each hour.

Truck Mounted Concrete Boom Pumps: With respect to the boom size and pump line, these pumps can certainly achieve distances of 200 foot. Boom trucks can be used for concrete flows for top rise structures and industrial projects. They contain a truck, a frame, and pump like a single unit. They are simple to maneuver to allow them to operate in small enclosed areas. Most manufacturers offer numerous optional for example handheld remote control, selection of pump size, various boom configurations, plus much more. Ready mix boom trucks can pour their concrete in to the one central work space.

Mortar Pumps: These pumps can be used for flowing mortar and plasters: They’re mainly employed for floor screed, sand, and concrete pour projects. There is a high end record and therefore are mainly present in construction sites. They are great for mixing and flowing fine materials.

Gunite: Gunite pumps use pressurized air to function dry material in the machine towards the pump line and out with the nozzle. Water is put into the dry material. This kind of pump system is accustomed to spray walls and sloped surfaces. The compressed air adds pressure towards the spraying process producing a more effective and efficient approach to flowing concrete.

Mudjacking Pump: This kind of pump includes a pumping hose, injection nozzle, and wired handheld remote control. It’s frequently employed for concrete restoration projects. There are a number of Mudjacking pumps for sale to suit any kind of project.

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