Enjoy Your Own Water Source With a Stainless Steel Shallow Well Jet Pump


Whether you are looking to begin your life off the grid or you just like the idea of becoming less reliant on the local amenities, there are a lot of advantages to having your own water source. However, you are going to need a well and your own stainless steel shallow well jet pump.

But what exactly does this pump do and how does it work? Does it matter what material your pump is made out of? What will this mean for your future usage?

Keep reading and find out!

What is a shallow well jet pump?

A shallow well jet pump is designed for pumping water from elevations of 0 up to 25 feet deep. Therefore the emphasis on “shallow” wells as this would not be suitable for any kind of water source that needs to be pumped up higher than 25 feet.

For deeper wells and water sources, you may need to look for a convertible jet pump in order to be able to pump up to 90 feet deep. However, keep in mind that you would only need to go for this more expensive option if your well depth exceeds the capability of the shallow well jet pump.

Can it only be used for wells?

Although well is in the name, the reality is that this pump can be adapted to a variety of situations. One of the most common circumstances that use this kind of pump is for water tanks where the water needs to be pumped up high to reach the water tank, or if the water tank is down low and your house is up high, then this would also require this kind of pump.

When considering different applications it may be important to remember that jet pumps pull water instead of pushing it making them immune to run-dry issues and very suitable for pulling water out of difficult-to-pump locations.

The advantages of using a stainless steel pump

There are clear benefits to using stainless steel over cast iron pumps. Why? Because a stainless steel shallow well jet pump has increased durability and longevity due to its ant corrosive material. But what does this mean?

It means that whilst cast iron is known for its ability to avoid overheating making it a great heavy-duty powerhouse that can be used for long periods without issue, the long-term option is clearly the stainless steel pump. This is because it is much less likely to submit itself to rust and it will therefore last a much longer time under the right conditions.

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