Recovery Rope vs. Tow Strap – Understand The Difference!


Getting your car stuck on a muddy road or a pothole might demand an extra hand and intense force to pull the vehicle out of condition. Additionally, you require certain tools to make it possible and smoothen the process. It is always a better idea to have essential safety equipment in the trunk of your car since unfortunate events can happen at any time. In case your car gets stuck on something and cannot move ahead, the best option is to use a recovery rope.

You should make sure to buy high-quality recovery ropes since poor quality can break instantly. Hence, Yankum ropes provide some of the best recovery ropes, which are long-lasting and durable at the same time. 

Understanding The Difference Between A Recovery Rope And A Tow Strap:

Most people think that recovery ropes and tow straps are the same since they offer similar benefits and functions. Recovery ropes and tow straps indeed provide similar benefits, but a few things differentiate one another. The primary thing that excels in a recovery rope is that it uses kinetic energy, whereas tow straps do not. 

In the event of using a tow strap, you are entitled to be using a tow strap and a recovery vehicle from the other side to pull the vehicle stuck in the mud. Since the recovery ropes use kinetic energy, the process gets smoothened. Additionally, recovery ropes stretch to 25-30% more than their actual length, while tow straps are not stretchable and they might get damaged or even break.

The materials used in recovery ropes are not the same as those used in tow straps. Although recovery ropes help in the case of being stuck, tow straps come in handy for multi-use. For instance, due to some issue in the vehicle, if you cannot drive, the tow strap can act as a replacement to common tow straps. The best part about recovery ropes is that they are fiber-coated on the outside, which means there is no requirement for regular washing, and it becomes weather resistant. 

Even if used on muddy and dirty surfaces, the dirt will come off quickly. Unlike a tow strap, a recovery rope helps in the case of significant dangerous situations like getting stuck on a pothole. Therefore, it is better to always keep a recovery rope inside the trunk of a vehicle since you would not know when your vehicle will get stuck on a certain surface.

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