The Ultimate Guide to Renting a Shuttle Bus in Chicago


Renting a vehicle has so many advantages that some are forgotten, such as the shuttle service, which takes you from the airport arrivals terminal to the service store to collect your rental car. In certain cities and capitals, you may have noticed that some rental agencies do not have stores in the airport’s arrivals area many are located outside or even further away. When requesting a shuttle service or rent a shuttle bus, the rental agency will take you to the vehicle pickup location, whether in another part of the city or close to the airport.

This means more convenience and peace of mind for drivers, as you are away from the stressful environment of the airport and do not have to face a long walk to the rental agency.

Shuttle service work: How does it work

After you have found the ideal car and the right offer on our website or chicago infinity transportation, for example, request a reservation and look at the Pickup Store option on the right side of the screen. You can find out if the rental agency is outside the airport. If so, check whether your reservation includes the shuttle service.

After configuring the reservation options, proceed to the next step and request additional information for the shuttle service in the field. Enter your destination airport and your flight number, so the rental company will know exactly when you will be arriving in the city. Even if the trip is delayed, you will surely have the shuttle service waiting for you.

After completing these steps, the rental company will know your needs and provide the service as soon as you disembark. Upon arrival from the trip, an employee will wait for you in the arrivals sector to take you by van to the service shop.

If you were not paying attention when booking and forgot to enter your flight number, contact the rental company and request a transfer service to the store. Please have the number on the confirmation voucher, as this information will be requested.

How Much Does The Shuttle Cost?

This is the question you should ask yourself: is the price worth it? When you rent a vehicle, it is worth paying attention to the rates and fees you often discover some advantages already included in the contract, which is the case with the shuttle.

A valuable tip for our travelers is to find out whether delivering to the service store or the airport is more affordable. See how much you will spend on fuel and, if applicable, deliver it to the pickup store. But remember: during booking, inform which store will be delivered to and request a shuttle service to the airport terminal.

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