Tips for Setting up your Own Small Service Business


Many people who have a trade decide to quit their regular jobs and offer their services directly to the general public and when you consider that it has never been easier to set up a business, it is no surprise that many UK people are doing just that. If you have a trade and you would like to work for yourself, here are a few tips to help you make the transition to self-employed.

  • Create a business plan – Every new business should come from a comprehensive business plan, which would detail every aspect of the business, from startup costs to accounting and everything in between. A good business plan would consist of 20-25 pages and when you think it is complete, ask a business expert to cast their eye on the document.
  • Essential business transport – If you are a plumber or electrician, you will need a reliable van and with a Google search, you can find a van dealer with attractive finance and leasing options. Once on their website, simply enter the make and model of van that you would like and the details will show.
  • Public liability insurance – Every business should have public liability insurance, which covers you for any compensation claim made by a member of the public. Imagine what would happen if you had an accident with a tin of gloss paint that was spread all over the lounge carpet. If you hire employees, you will also need employer’s liability insurance, which protects you when employees have an accident and make a claim against the business.
  • Register the business – Get in touch with the UK government and register yourself as self-employed, which is pretty straightforward. You will have to keep records of all business transactions and hire an accountant to fill out your tax returns and you need to start bookkeeping from the very outset.
  • Top quality tools & equipment – Regardless of your trade, you will need to amass a lot of tools and equipment; buying brand name tools will ensure that they stand the test of time. While you won’t be able to acquire everything you need at the start, over a period of a few years, you should be able to equip your van with all the items you need.

You should hire a web designer to build you a website and by investing in SEO services, you can create a strong online profile. Localised SEO services will boost your Google search rankings and this should lead to many enquiries and with a lot of hard work, you will gain a good reputation within the local community.

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