What to know before buying a 2020 Ford Explorer Truck


There was a time when the Ford Explorer wasn’t considered to be safe, and it is something that happened in its first decade.  What caused that to be so is the center of gravity which was higher that made the car to be prone to rollovers when a tire blasted.  The problem was with the Firestone tires which seemed to be prone to blasting even when driven in normal circumstances.

After the partnership with firestone was stopped, the Explorer is still a good choice to consider when looking around for the Ford Explorer for sale. The following are some facts that you ought to know before you make your buying decision.

It is not much dealer than the model of 2019

It seems as if the sedans are fading. There is a boom in the SUV market. So apart from people going for the Ford Explorer, it could have other competitors coming in. The price for an Explorer is not low, but it is just a bit pricey than 2019. When you check out the features and the other packages which it is offering, it is a good bargain. With the norm being the SUV and people having to trade in the sedans that are lavish for bigger cars, then the Ford Explorer might be a good pick.

It has ample cargo space

There are very few SUVs under the $40000 price mark where you can be able to fit a 4 feet plywood sheet of cargo space. With the Ford Explorer 2020, it is one of the best contenders where you can get such. While the boot is one that is very comfortable on a simple recce, the actual cargo space that is behind the rear seats is about 18.2 cubic feet.

It is one that rides on all the RWD new platforms

The 2020 Ford Explorer has the rear wheel that is an all-new platform, one that it shares with Lincoln Aviator.  It is saving the Ford a lot of money while helping the Explorer the cargo and cabin space required. The wheel base, which is a six-inch stretch, has made it possible due to the shift in the rear-wheel-drive change as it gives a lot freedom to the designers of cars.

Its visual appeal is excellent, and it has an athletic look more than ever. On the overall, the consumers find the 2020 Ford Explorer to be a significant improvement of the 2019 Ford Explorer model and the platform of RWD that is worth it.  Its towing capacity is just great.

The family feeling car

Unlike with the Ford Pinto which leaves a warm feeling, 2020 Ford Explorer is all about family. So everything is designed to look very inviting and make everyone to be comfortable. Consider its carpeting the vinyl on the side and thus, in case you are thinking to modify, then that is possible with this type of vehicle.

The co-pilot 360 of the Ford is a standard interface

Ford is safety minded since the hitches it encountered in the 70s and 90s regarding safety. Every car comes integrated with the best tech that it can make, even the base ones. The 2020 Ford Explorer has the Ford CoPilot 360 suite for safety as a standard fixture.

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