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Smart Questions To Ask And Things To Carry At The Used Car Dealership


Planning to buy a pre-owned car needs a little homework and preparation to make your visit at the dealership smooth. Start an online research because it can equip you with plenty of useful information about models, dealerships, negotiation, financing, and insurance.

You can ask the following questions to the dealer, so as to ensure that you walk away with a dream vehicle, which will not turn into a nightmare in due course.

  • How long can the vehicle be taken for test drive?
  • Do the dealer have demo cars [ones used for new model test drives] for sale?
  • From where did this pre-owned car come from?
  • Will dealer supply third party car history report for this used vehicle?
  • Has dealer performed service on this used car?
  • Will the dealer approve inspection of this certified used car?
  • Is in-house financing provided at your dealership?
  • If car is bought with cash will the dealer offer discount?
  • Will your own car be taken as trade-in?
  • Will any accessories or add-on be included on used vehicle?

You can phone your bank before visiting the dealership to find how much can be borrowed to buy a car, interest rate, and terms for borrowing the loan.  Several dealership offer financing but smart buyers need to consider all the options available.

If you plan to buy used Mercedes Benz then get in touch with your insurance provider to get familiar with the amount you will need to pay on its coverage. It is a wise step because when you find out that you cannot afford this new vehicle’s premium after signing papers can be disappointing.

Carry your proof on insurance, driver’s license, and existing car title for trade-in [if you intend]. There are other things to bring along –


  • It is helpful to compare car prices and avoid overpaying.
  • You can check details and price of Benz against similar listings.
  • Read reviews of Benz car users regarding the model and even dealership.

Measure tape

  • Helps to find if the car will fit in your oddly shaped garage.
  • You can even figure out if your bike fits in the trunk or not.
  • If extra tall aunt Mollie can fit in back seat.

Selfie stick

Cars not stored on lifts means you cannot see its underside. Selfie stick can be sued to get better look on the cars bottom side. Condition of vehicles bottom side demonstrates how well it is cared for. Beware of cars that seem very clean. Look at the wheel and tire because used car sellers may have flipped the damaged tire to conceal the smash.

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