Tesla’s Model 3: Electric Cars for the Masses?


Elon Musk’s EV company, Tesla, attained a long-term goal with the launching of Model 3, which is the most affordable car to date.

Tesla Model 3, launched around six years ago, is positioned by the whole company as the first mass-market EV in the world, and it is affordable to buy.

Is Tesla Cost Effective?

For many years, people have been speculating about Tesla cars. Will and can Tesla make low cost-effective EVs at half the price of the current best-selling electric cars? And what will it be called, and when will the car be launched?

Models like Tesla has rekindled the speculation that the company can and probably will unveil new EV platforms with a truly mass market and low-cost electric vehicle in the future. It is just a matter of time.

Tesla Model 3 Review

The model is supposed to be a humdrum car, the cut-price and everyday offering to the mass. Not the kind of thing which impresses Angelenos about rich kids and celebrities valeting supercars in restaurants. It takes a special car to stand out in places like Los Angeles. But the real question is if the car lives up to the hype that this vehicle is meant for everyone.

If your friends are like ours, they are likely to be more interested in the vehicle’s interior, whose design can make Patrick Bateman’s apartment look cluttered.

This model chuckled out an instrumental panel and all the buttons. Like in an EV box truck, every functionality in the vehicle is displayed on or controlled via a mounted 15-inch touchscreen.

What It Costs and Battery Types

According to Tesla’s CEO, there will be nothing extra on top of the actual pricing. No one thought the model would cost under USD50K, inclusive of the on-road cost.

Tesla Model 3 comes in two major types of battery. These include extended range and standard range. Model 3 with extended battery range costs USD44K with a range of 310 miles and supercharging rate of 170 miles in half an hour.

On the other hand, Tesla Model 3 costs USD35K, with a range of 220 miles and supercharging rate of 130 miles in just half an hour. Overall specifications for the electric vehicle include the following:

  • 56.8’ height
  • 5.5’ ground clearance
  • 56.3’ shoulder room
  • Seating capacity of five adults
  • Curb weight of between 3549lbs and 3814lbs

Is Tesla Model 3 an Electric Vehicle for the Masses?

During this model’s launch, Elon Musk stated that the company exists and designs EVs because it is important to transition to greener and more sustainable transportation.

According to him, the vehicle is among the safest cars globally, with a price under $55k. Not to mention, the model has 215 miles range and may go from 0 to 60 within six seconds and incorporates autopilot hardware.


Tesla Model remains the best-selling EV globally, and no other car programs come close to this. So automakers, apart from Tesla, have to invest more in electric vehicles to create and design a car for the masses.

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