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Test Of Driving Ability Manoeuvre: Overtaking While Driving


Sometimes while driving, motorists aren’t bothered about other motorists and then try to move further without thinking about the risks ahead. There are lots of large vehicles driving around the motorways getting load inside it. Small vehicle motorists like motorcycle and vehicle have to be careful while overtaking large vehicles.

This manoeuvre looks simple and easy , fairly easy. Before you really overtake, think about an issue – Do you want to overtake?

If vehicle in-front is following posted speed limit, you don’t have to show right or left. Then there’s you don’t need to overtake.

For those who have made the decision to overtake, plan your action. Important points to consider –

Never do that manover without thinking or planning. You have to evaluate the street traffic and types of conditions, climate conditions. So think before you begin

Safe location – Traffic junction, lengthy queue ahead, school area, busy city road, narrow road, blind place, ahead aren’t safe areas to overtake vehicle in-front. Search for the street signs which clearly say – “No overtaking”.

Think about the vehicles around- You’re overtaking a lorry, you have to leave enough space, as driver may be unable to help you. You’re overtaking a motorcyclist, bear in mind simply because they can alter the road to avoid manholes covers, metal studs in roads.

Look into the vehicles behind you- it might happen that follower is intending to overtake you. So give serious amounts of check intentions of car following you. If you’re overtaking around the freeway, look for the vehicles you’re already driving

Overtaking – follow proper procedure for mirror-signal- manoeuvre – Before overtaking, always make certain you allow signal with other road user early before beginning to maneuver. This can a minimum of inform motorists behind regarding your driving intention. You progress only if the street is obvious and there’s appropriate gap while watching road user and user you intend to overtake.

Normal technique is adopted by many people motorists to put around the signal once they already began the manoeuvre. Based upon the positioning of the signal you can use center mirror to maneuver to your original lane once you begin to see the other vehicle overtaking. Check the mirrors and have a quick look into a blind-place, over your right shoulder before leaving. Return left once you can but don’t decline in. Leave a sizable gap, don’t cut short the manoeuvre.

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