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Any accredited motorcycle training course can get you through a training course but remember, not all are created equal. You need not only get an exclusive training but also get the correct fit for your convenience, personality and learning style. The enthusiasm of learning to ride a motorcycle may allure you to take an emotional decision but it is of utmost importance to do a thorough research before making a well-informed choice. Following are 8 vital things that you must consider prior to signing up:

  • Location – Your training school should be close to your location.
  • Customer focus – You must concentrate on the extent of professionalism of the training school.
  • Size of the class – For getting fewer distractions, you must choose a motorcycle rider training school which has got only some students.
  • Kinds of bikes – You must check the model type and the age of the bikes on which you are supposed to give the training.
  • Safety – Safety plus emergency procedures should be prepared for an emergency.
  • Reputation – You must select a school that has got a good reputation.
  • Facilities – The teaching area should be given focus and see that the place of learning isn’t surrounded by rough pavement, potholes, gravel, debris, and sand.
  • The instructors’ level of experience – It is important to learn about the experience of the instructors and whether they are trained.

The kinds of motorcycle tests

The motorbike training test is viewed as one of the toughest driving tests that you can take. An exhaustive test and an intensive training of the rider make the best motorcyclists. Today, the course of motorcycle driving is divided into a couple of levels; 125cc plus Direct Access, which is 500cc. The riders who haven’t attained the age of 21 years are confined to take the test on one 125cc bike. These riders are restricted to riding motorbikes which are below 33 bhp for two years. The older riders can learn on the 500cc Direct Access motorcycles and when they complete the test successfully, they can go for other kinds of motorcycles.

The CBT training

Since the year 1990, new motorbike learners are highly required to go through CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) prior to driving on the road. Hence, most of the training schools will chiefly propose CBT motorbike lessons. A CBT lesson consists of five sections. In the first section, you will have to undertake an introduction. It will teach you the process of sitting on the motorbike comfortably before you begin to move. Then, you will be asked to participate in the in-school training before going for in-school riding.

When your motorcycle rider training instructor feel that you have become prepared you will be asked to take training on-road before you get to ride on the road. Every training course follows these five sections one-by-one. Every learner will be required to finish a couple of hour’s on-road riding. Now, if any training school doesn’t allow you to train for at least a couple of hours on the road, you must not stick to it. In this case, it would be better to look for a different school. After you have gone through your CVT test, you are needed to apply for both theory and practical tests for attaining a license.

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